What does it mean to be a Primary Care Medical Home?

Primary Care Medical Home is a model of primary health care that has the following characteristics:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Comprehensive care
  • Coordinated care
  • Superb access to care
  • Quality and safety driven care

The Primary Care Medical Home is a widely accepted model of how your health care should be organized and delivered throughout the health care system.   Your care is coordinated through your primary care provider (PCP) in a timely manner.  This philosophy of health care delivery encourages providers and care teams to meet patients where they are, from the simplest to the most complex conditions.  It is a place where patients are treated with respect and compassion.  It fosters strong relationships with patients and their care team.

Why is it important to select a Primary Care Provider?

Selecting a primary care provider is a very important step for your health care.  A PCP can give you a trusting, ongoing relationship with one health care professional and their team.  Because a PCP looks at your whole health, they work as a part of a care team that coordinates your care across many settings.

Why should I make an appointment and how should I be prepared?

Making an appointment increases the continuity of care with your primary care provider and decreases your wait time.

Always be prepared for your office visit.  Bring your current insurance card and any paperwork from a hospital or doctor you have seen recently.  Remember to bring all medications you are using to every visit.  Copay is due at the time of service.

What is the fastest way to get my medicine refilled?

At your appointment, ask your provider for enough refills to last until your next appointment so that you do not run out.  If you do run out of medicine before your appointment, check your medicine bottle’s label.  At the bottom, it will tell you if you are already approved for a refill.  If you are approved, call the pharmacy or take your prescription bottle to the pharmacy and get a refill.  You may also use the patient portal for refill requests.  Please allow up to 72 hours for medications to be refilled.

What if I need a referral?

Many of your concerns may be addressed at AccelHealth.  However, if you need a service not provided, you may require a written authorization based on the insurance you have.

Generally, referrals require approval by your primary care provider. Know your insurance type and requirements. Some referrals need only a prescription and others require prior authorization through your insurance company.

How do I get my lab results?

Lab letters are usually sent within a week to your address on file.  Results may also be posted on the patient portal. We may call you with urgent results.  Please make sure we have your correct address and phone number.

What if I need to talk to a provider and the office is closed?

If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911.

AccelHealth does provide medical services by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  After regular business hours, you can reach a provider on call who can handle your medical emergency by calling our regular office number.

For matters that are not urgent, please call during regular business hours.  This includes scheduling or canceling an appointment, billing questions, completion of forms, test results, referrals and any medical concerns that can wait until the next business day.