Keeping children’s teeth healthy

Dental infections are one of the most common infections in children. Even though dentistry has come a long way with the latest dental advancements, you still have to play an active role in your dental care — and your child’s. Oral health is whole-person health, and untreated dental disease has been linked to stroke, heart disease and diabetes in adulthood.

Dental caries — otherwise known as tooth decay or cavities — affect many children and adults, although they largely are preventable through good dental health habits and a number of measures that have proven effective.

Start dental health early

Keeping children's teeth healthy infographic

By 6 months of age, we recommend babies stop consuming breast milk or formula during the night, and never have bottles in their beds so they don’t develop the habit. Late-night nursing increases the risk of tooth decay due to lactose, which is a milk sugar. In general, the more carbohydrates a child consumes, the greater risk for cavities.

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