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Accessing your health record, and connecting with your health care provider has never been easier with the NextGen Patient Portal (formerly NextMD).  The Patient Portal is available to patients and their dependents via a convenient and secure web portal.

Some of the many benefits to the Patient Portal are:

  • Send and receive private and secure message with your medical provider.  (Dental provider communications coming soon)
  • Request medication refills.
  • Receive test results.
  • Request your Personal Health Record, including medication history, allergies, immunizations, procedures, test results, family and social history, and much more.
  • View extensive health related education materials.
  • Enroll individually or enroll the entire family/dependents.
  • Enroll with multiple practices.
  • More features will be coming soon!

Patient Portal FAQ’s

Who can sign up?
Established and new patients, their guardians, and dependents, can sign-up for the Patient Portal.

What is needed to sign up?
New enrollees will need a Token ID.  This unique and one-time use number will be provided by the practice.  Patients may be required to sign consent forms for themselves or family members prior to enrolling.  Patients must have a current valid email address on file with the practice.  If you do not have a personal email account you can obtain a free one from Google/Gmail or Yahoo!.

I have a NextMD/NextGen Patient Portal account with another practice.  Do I have to create a new account?
No, but you will need to obtain an enrollment Token in order to add our practice to your Patient Portal account.

My NextMD account at another practice allows me to pay bills, schedule appointments, and fill out electronic forms.  Why does your practice not offer this?
In order to best serve our patients, we are currently utilizing only a portion of the Patient Portal features.  In the future, we will add additional functions and features.

Can I send a message about my child, spouse, parent, etc., through the NextGen Patient Portal?

Yes, but this is only possible when the “Care Manager/Dependent” functionality is enabled.  A parent, spouse, or guardian can become a “Care Manager” for a “Dependent.”  Care Managers can send messages and request information on behalf of a Dependent through their Patient Portal account.  Two spouses can be Care Managers for each other, allowing both individuals to access the other’s information.

Can I use the same email address for all of my family members?
Yes.  Each patient must have a valid email address in our system (even children/dependents), but the same address can be used for all family members.

Can I use the same username for all of my family members on the Patient Portal?
All Portal usernames must be unique.  That means a family of five can use the same email address to sign up, but each family member will have a unique login and the signup process would need to be completed five times, once for each family member.  The Care Managers will be able to view their Dependent’s portal information without having to log in as the Dependent.

How quickly can I expect a response to messages sent through the Portal?
Patients should allow one to two business days to receive a response.  However, our physicians and staff may respond more promptly.  The Patient Portal should not be used for emergency cases.

My username, password, or security question is not working.  What do I do?
If you cannot login, go to and click the “Need help with your user name and password?” link.  The page will guide you on how to retrieve or reset your account.  If you still cannot retrieve your login you will need to contact your practice to have a reset Token issued.

Why do I not see all of my lab results after requesting and receiving my Personal Health Record?
Our providers may require an office visit to discuss the results of lab tests prior to “signing off” on them.  Labs that have not been signed off will not appear in your Personal Health Record.

 I see my Personal Health Record, but not my full Medical Record.  How do I obtain that?
The Personal Health Record is a summary of your health history (allergies, prescriptions, vitals, etc.).  Comprehensive Medical Records are compiled and released by our Health Information Management department.  Patients should contact their practice for more information on obtaining a complete Medical Record.

The NextGen Patient Portal may require Adobe Reader and/or Java.get_adobe_readergetjavasoftware-120x30