AccelHealth Veterans, Thank You for your Service

By | November 11, 2019

Veterans contribute to American society in many ways; not just during their time in active duty. Throughout our history, military service members have put on their uniforms to protect the values and liberties that this nation was built on. But that doesn’t stop once the uniform comes off and their time in active duty has ended. Veterans take the lessons they have learned and the experiences they’ve gained and continue their service to our nation by strengthening our communities. They become our nation’s leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs. Veterans are the most active volunteers working to improve communities across our country. Service goes beyond the uniform. This Veteran’s Day, we honor the men and women who have worn their uniform and continue to serve our country. Pictured: Christopher VanBibber, U.S. Marines 15 years of service, Stephan Dueboay, U.S. Navy 23 years of service, Dr. Joe Hubbard, U.S. Marines 4 years of service, OK Army NG 2 years of service and U.S. Army Reserve 5 years of service, Scott Pool, U.S. Army 3 years of service and Joe Martin, U.S. Navy 4 years of service.